#58 Cooks in the kitchen

I realize I owe you another post because yesterday’s was a throwaway (it was for a good reason I promise). This one will be a one and done. Truly a daily journal feel to it because I won’t be reading over it. Straight stream of consciousness (I imagine you’re saying, “wasn’t the other stuff also stream of thought?” to which I respond with how dare you). I’ve been working on a group project recently and it required scaling super fast, both on tech and in team. What I realized is something I’ve long recognized is a scaling problem that I see with a lot of startups — the inefficiency of communication when adding new cooks to a kitchen. It’s the mythical man month problem all over again. Every time we add another person to the effort, it would seem that we would get more bandwidth. Nope. It takes time to ramp them up before we can do anything. That’s what got us to turn to some technology to help with scaling the knowledge/onboarding. I’ll write more about it tomorow.

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